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Alpine Body Care Massage

Massage mobile sur mesure
dans le confort de votre propre espace


Quels types de massage proposons-nous ?

Massage relaxant

Un massage à pression légère à moyenne qui vise à réduire les tensions et à promouvoir un sentiment de bien-être.

Massage sportif

A massage that works deeply into tissues to address tension or fatigue and aid performance and recovery.

Massage des tissus profonds

Un massage qui concentre sur des zones spécifiques de tension ou d'inconfort une pression plus profonde pour les soulager.

Réservation de groupe

Si vous êtes deux ou plus à vouloir réserver du temps pour un massage, veuillez utiliser cette option.

Qui nous sommes

Kristina Wilton

I offer mobile massage services including sports massage, deep tissue massage and relaxation massage in the Morzine, Montriond and Les Gets area of the Portes du Soleil region.

With a strong scientific background, I am keen to incorporate evidence-based approaches to the treatments I offer.  The priority is always to understand the needs of the individual, and then to tailor the approach to suit their aims for the sessions. Not all massage needs to be deep tissue, and the approach taken will be in response to the specific requests of the individual.  

Although my training includes a sports focus, it is not only for the sporty.  Whilst regular massage can form an important part of any training programme to ensure any potential muscle imbalances and niggles are addressed early before causing injury, everyday lifestyle factors, such as hours spent in front of the computer, can also result in a build up of tension and discomfort and massage can help to relieve these issues.

Recovery and relaxation are important, and tailored massage treatments can support optimal recovery after sporting events, as well as aid general relaxation and wellbeing.

I have a doctorate in neuroscience and spent over 20 years working in the biomedical field, in both academic research and a variety of roles in the pharmaceutical industry. I trained as a sports massage therapist alongside my day job, and decided to step away completely from the corporate world in 2020 to focus on a life in the mountains, and to use my training to help others make the most of their time here in the Morzine area.  I hold a BTEC level 5 soft tissue therapy qualification, as well as ITEC Level 3 holistic and sports massage qualifications.  I am a keen swimmer and cyclist, and am happiest when doing something active outdoors.

Notre service

À quoi s'attendre


Nous arriverons environ 10 minutes avant l'heure de votre rendez-vous, pour nous permettre de nous installer et d'avoir une brève consultation avec vous avant le massage.


Nous aurons tout ce dont nous avons besoin pour le massage avec nous, du divan de massage aux serviettes. Veuillez vous assurer qu'il y a suffisamment de place pour installer le canapé de massage (environ 2 x 1 m) et pour circuler autour


Nous utilisons des serviettes pour nous assurer que vous êtes couvert pendant le massage, et que seule la zone travaillée est découverte, mais nous vous demandons de garder vos sous-vêtements. N'hésitez pas à porter ce qui vous met à l'aise.


Le massage est une expérience très individuelle. Le massage délivré sera toujours adapté à vos besoins, sur la base des informations que vous fournissez au cours du processus de réservation et de la consultation préalable au massage.


Ce que disent nos clients

Farah Buckley
Farah Buckley
April 3, 2024.
We booked Kristina for a number of massages whilst staying in Morzine. She’s an excellent therapist who worked through all sorts of knots and tension. We all agreed she was very skilful and wouldn’t hesitate to book her again.
Debbie Johnston
Debbie Johnston
March 4, 2024.
We had pre-booked Kristina for a massage mid way through our ski trip and she did not disappoint. Kristina assessed what areas we felt needed specific attention and set to work. Kristina is just lovely, we both had amazing massages and we highly recommend Kristina.
December 29, 2023.
I had an absolutely wonderful massage from Kristina last week. Just what I needed after too much skiing. She listened to what I wanted, and delivered! Very personable, and easy booking process too. I'll be back, thanks Kristina x
Emma McLintic
Emma McLintic
December 27, 2023.
Kristina came to our chalet and did 4 massages for members of our group. We all agreed that she was excellent and knew her stuff! Thank you - I think we will all feel like new people tomorrow after 4 hard days on the slopes!
camille cooke
camille cooke
April 15, 2023.
3 excellant massages. Highly recommend- totally professional.
Chris Ludlam
Chris Ludlam
March 22, 2023.
Another great sports massage from Kristina. She is very knowledgeable - massage and biology lesson at the same time! Excellent.
Brechfa Forest Barns
Brechfa Forest Barns
March 19, 2023.
Kristina offered an excellent massage to help alleviate the pain in my shoulder following a ski crash. She identified the problem as a pull of the supraspinatus muscle. The massage got the blood flowing which meant the area felt much looser and Kristina suggested exercises to further improve movement. I'll be booking again next year when I'm back in the area. Hopefully then it will be an injury free massage!
Vicky Smith
Vicky Smith
February 24, 2023.
Four of our party had massages with Kristina after a full week skiing and we were all really impressed with her service. With a deep knowledge of the muscular and fascia system, she was able to really effectively release blockages and tensions in our bodies with such skill and accuracy - it was amazing. Between us, we have had a lot of massages and we all agreed, this was next level. A must do for anyone, whether skiing or not.
Jay Armadillo
Jay Armadillo
February 21, 2023.
Kristina was brilliant! Initially the massage was booked for another member of our party who decided quite late that she didn’t want it. As a fairly battered mountain biker and newly battered snowboarder I was not going to pass this opportunity up. Last time I had a sports massage was a few years ago in Turkey and I felt their objective was to inflict as much pain as possible, so I was a little anxious. After a short consultation she got to work on my neck, back and shoulders. Although I could feel the pressure being exerted on my muscles and on my joints I did not feel any pain. She talked me through everything she was doing explaining which muscles she was manipulating and why, don’t ask me to name any of them, helping me to relax and feel more comfortable. After it was over I actually felt like I had been stretched slightly but the following morning was incredible, I could lift and move my head without any pain! If you’re looking for a brilliant sports massage then look no further. I would highly recommend Alpine Body Care to relieve all those aches and pains. Thanks again and I’ll be back very, very soon.
Lindsey Kelham Psychology
Lindsey Kelham Psychology
November 28, 2022.
Cutting edge techniques, professional and friendly. Highly recommended.

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