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Relaxation massage

Relaxation massage is a light to medium pressure massage, using a range of massage strokes, that aims to reduce tension and promote a sense of wellbeing.


Why relaxation massage

Relaxation massage is a light to medium pressure massage, using a range of massage strokes. The massage stimulates the skin, increasing temperature and blood circulation, and leads to a sense of wellbeing.

Relaxing massage can help to decrease feelings of stress and tension, as well as decrease muscular tension and pain, and help to maintain healthy muscles.

Other techniques, such as deep tissue, can be combined with the relaxation massage based on our consultation and your needs to ensure that the treatment is fully tailored to suit you.



*Depending on total duration booked


45 minutes


60 minutes


90 minutes

from €110.00*

Group Booking

Local resident rates available. Please contact us directly for more information.


What our clients say

camille cooke
camille cooke
April 15, 2023.
3 excellant massages. Highly recommend- totally professional.
Chris Ludlam
Chris Ludlam
March 22, 2023.
Another great sports massage from Kristina. She is very knowledgeable - massage and biology lesson at the same time! Excellent.
Brechfa Forest Barns
Brechfa Forest Barns
March 19, 2023.
Kristina offered an excellent massage to help alleviate the pain in my shoulder following a ski crash. She identified the problem as a pull of the supraspinatus muscle. The massage got the blood flowing which meant the area felt much looser and Kristina suggested exercises to further improve movement. I'll be booking again next year when I'm back in the area. Hopefully then it will be an injury free massage!
Vicky Smith
Vicky Smith
February 24, 2023.
Four of our party had massages with Kristina after a full week skiing and we were all really impressed with her service. With a deep knowledge of the muscular and fascia system, she was able to really effectively release blockages and tensions in our bodies with such skill and accuracy - it was amazing. Between us, we have had a lot of massages and we all agreed, this was next level. A must do for anyone, whether skiing or not.
Jay Armadillo
Jay Armadillo
February 21, 2023.
Kristina was brilliant! Initially the massage was booked for another member of our party who decided quite late that she didn’t want it. As a fairly battered mountain biker and newly battered snowboarder I was not going to pass this opportunity up. Last time I had a sports massage was a few years ago in Turkey and I felt their objective was to inflict as much pain as possible, so I was a little anxious. After a short consultation she got to work on my neck, back and shoulders. Although I could feel the pressure being exerted on my muscles and on my joints I did not feel any pain. She talked me through everything she was doing explaining which muscles she was manipulating and why, don’t ask me to name any of them, helping me to relax and feel more comfortable. After it was over I actually felt like I had been stretched slightly but the following morning was incredible, I could lift and move my head without any pain! If you’re looking for a brilliant sports massage then look no further. I would highly recommend Alpine Body Care to relieve all those aches and pains. Thanks again and I’ll be back very, very soon.
L Kelham
L Kelham
November 28, 2022.
Cutting edge techniques, professional and friendly. Highly recommended.
Maureen Hansman
Maureen Hansman
November 12, 2022.
Thanks Kristina! My massage with Kristina was great. I had some knee swelling and Kristina knew how to work with and around that. Her deep knowledge of the body makes all the difference!
Nena Thornberry
Nena Thornberry
October 20, 2022.
Kristina is fantastic! I had a wonderful massage with her. I have a recurring issue with hip and lower back pain, and Kristina did a very thorough assessment and treatment. Complete with aftercare advice. Highly recommend!
Philippa Clarke
Philippa Clarke
October 18, 2022.
I feel that I am in very safe hands when having sports massage treatments from Kristina. I have had a couple of knee injuries and so I am a bit sensitive about how my lower limbs are manipulated and I have found Kristina's approach extremely reassuring. I think her scientific background really comes into play and she clearly has an expert knowledge of the body and its physiology. Kristina takes great care in finding out what it is you want to do - in my case equestrianism - and adapts her therapy and advice accordingly. I've also found it hugely beneficial that she is able to come to me for treatments. Lovely though a therapy room might be - it just doesn't fit in with my bonkers lifestyle. Kristina brings everything to me and for 1 hour or so I can thoroughly relax while she works on sorting me out!
Katie Wild
Katie Wild
October 11, 2022.
Kristina has provided excellent sports massage treatments to me for a couple of years now. She's professional, knowledgeable, makes you feel at ease and really identifies causes to discomfort. Highly recommend.

We will arrive about 10 mins before your appointment time, to allow us time to get set up and have a brief consultation with you ahead of the massage. It is helpful if you can advise on parking if there are any restrictions to avoid any delays to arrival of your therapist.

Please make sure you are ready for your massage at least 5 mins before your appointment time – i.e. showered and neither too hungry nor too full. It is strongly recommended not to drink alcohol before your treatment.


We will have everything we need for the massage with us, from the massage couch to the towels. If you want music during your massage, please feel free to set this up in the room to be used. The only thing we ask is that you ensure that there is enough room to set the massage couch up (It is ~ 2m x 1m) and some room to move around it.

We will have everything we need for the massage with us, from the massage couch to the towels. If you want music during your massage, please feel free to set this up in the room to be used. The only thing we ask is that you ensure that there is enough room to set the massage couch up (It is ~ 2m x 1m) and some room to move around it.


We use towels to ensure you are covered during the massage, with only the area currently worked on being uncovered. Usually, people are happy to be in their underwear during the massage, but feel free to wear whatever keeps you comfortable.


Massage is a very individual experience. The massage delivered will always be tailored to your needs, based on the information you provide in the booking process and in the pre-massage consultation. If you want to discuss this before booking a massage, don’t hesitate to get in touch using the contact form, or by phone.


We usually use Songbird natural wax or liquiwax products, or NAQI Sports Massage lotion. Please let us know in advance if you have any allergies (especially nut oils) and we will ensure we have the appropriate products for your massage.


We request a deposit to confirm your booking. You can also pay in full in advance by credit card. If you have paid the deposit only, you can pay the balance when you receive your massage either by credit card or in cash. Please ensure you have the right money if you are paying with cash.


We require 24 hours notice should you want to cancel your massage, after which your deposit will not be refunded and you may be charged in full.


There are few reasons why massage therapy should be avoided, but there are situations in which treatment may not be advisable. There are also some reasons why your treatment might be modified. Completing the pre-treatment consultation form will allow your therapist to be aware of any issues ahead of the treatment and tailor the treatment accordingly. If you are in any doubt, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly in advance of making your booking.


The minimum time for a single booking is 1hr, although that time could be split between those in a group. The minimum recommended treatment time is 30mins. For a full body relaxing treatment, a one hour treatment is recommended. For sports or deep tissue, one hour will allow time to work on a specific area but 90 mins will allow time to provide a more holistic treatment as well as focusing on the specific area.


The majority of our work is in the Morzine, Montriond, Les Gets and St Jean D’Aulps villages.  We will travel further towards Thonon or Taninges if time allows.  Please contact us in advance of booking to confirm availability if you are located beyond the villages listed.


Gift vouchers are valid for 6 months and booking is subject to availability. We will do our best to accommodate requests for gift voucher booking, but if you are in resort for a short period of time, please consider ensuring that the booking is made as far in advance as possible to avoid any disappointment. You can also consider making a gift certificate booking to secure an appointment for the time that your gift recipient is in resort.